2015 Team – e-cigarettes


Student Advocates for Public Health (SAPH) 2015:

Fall 2015 students in Advocacy for Public Health (SPH 523) tackled on the issue of e-cigarettes. The project was a success as the city of Edmonton banned the use of e-cigarettes from all public places.

City of Edmonton BYLAW 14614  – Public Places Bylaw

SAPH 2015 Members:

Alethe Kabore – Social Media & University Liaison
Alia Bharwani – Social Media
Binbin Zhang – Communications
Keely Stenberg – Communications & Social Media
Manuel Escoto – Communications & Community Partnerships
Monica Chawla – Print & Social Media
Rachel Prowse – Community Partnerships & University Liaison
Sabrina Singh – Community Partnerships & Print Media
Stephanie McQuaid – Community Liaison & Print Media
Tharsini Sivananthajothy – Community & University Liaison
Weiwei Wen – Communications



Alethe Kabore

Originally from Burkina Faso, I moved in Edmonton in 2006 to pursue a Bachelor in Biological sciences. I am now a second year MSc student in Global Health. I believe, that for public health practitioners, advocacy is a key tool to have in order to actively build healthier societies and populations. I am interested in working with vulnerable and marginalized populations in order for them to reach their full potential. Advocating for an equal ban for E-cigarettes as it is for tobacco products currently in the city of Edmonton will help keep the gains secured against tobacco products and prevent the tobacco industry to use new means to reach their goals. I am proud to be adding my stone to keep Edmonton and its community healthy.

Alia Bharwani

I am a MPH student specializing in Health Promotion. I strongly believe in disease prevention and am particularly interested in preventing the development of chronic diseases. During my time at the University of Alberta, I have come to realize the significant role policy can play in disease prevention and creating healthy communities.

Keely Stenberg

IMG_1261As a graduate student working on my MSc in Health Promotion I have realized the importance of advocacy in working towards environmental changes that contribute to our society’s health. It is my goal as a student and future public health practitioner to advocate for healthy opportunities to increase quality of life and reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases in the population. My interests include the policy and built environment, which can have an impact on the health of individuals and communities.

Monica Chawla

MonicaMy name is Monica Chawla and I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Biomedical Science. I am now completing my Masters of Public Health in Applied Biostatistics, and am very keen on conducting public health research. I am excited to be learning about how to apply public health research to advocate for positive changes in the community!

Rachel Prowse

I am a first year PhD student in the department of Health Promotion at the School of Public Health. My career goals include creating healthy public policies that will support healthy eating in children and youth. I believe that advocating to include e-cigarettes in policies banning smoking in public places is important because it will support the social unacceptability of smoking continuing to improve tobacco control and protect the health of the public.

Sabrina Singh

Calgary born Pediatric RNBN who moved to Edmonton to pursue her Masters in Public Health. I believe that health is infused into every aspect of our lives. I consider myself a well travelled individual.  As such, my experiences have taught me that in order to achieve positive health changes for all individuals, we need to address the underlying causes. This means looking at health through a holistic lens and ensuring we have the foundation established to not only address health problems, but to prevent and promote health along the way.