2016 Team – Fentanyl

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Across Alberta, far too many people are dying from drug overdoses. In 2015, there were 272 overdose deaths involving fentanyl in Alberta, up from 120 in 2014 (Alberta Health, 2016). Fentanyl is highly toxic and consuming even a small amount can be deadly. We applaud current efforts by the Alberta government to increase the availability of naloxone kits through the take-home naloxone program. Naloxone is an effective, short-acting opioid antagonist used to reverse opioid overdose. However, this is not enough. Student Advocates for Public Health calls on Health Canada, pharmaceutical companies and MPs to take action to protect its citizens by:

  1. Increased access to naloxone by making it available prescription-free.
  2. Alternate forms of administering naloxone such as nasal spray and auto-injectors.
  3. The passage of the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, Bill C-224.


Alberta Health (2016). Fentanyl and the take home naloxone program: Alberta’s fentanyl response. Retrieved March 6/16 from http://www.health.alberta.ca/health-info/AMH-Naloxone-Take-home.html


Graduate students (2016) taking the SPH 523 Advocacy course include:

Kemi Amodu, MN Candidate


Kemi is a second year MN student in the teaching stream. Her clinical      focus is on maternal health in a global context. She has worked with      NGOs and coordinated rural health advocacy in Nigeria. Her research explores policy surrounding obstetric fistula management in Nigeria. She is highly interested in work that uncovers the sociopolitical forms that perpetuate injustices and health inequities among vulnerable populations.

Ima Anugom, M.D.,  MPH Candidate

IMG_20160215_100912Ima is in her first year of the MPH program in Health Promotion. She is a physician trained in Nigeria. She has experience in clinical practice as an ER doctor, and has also worked for Doctors Without Borders as Medical Coordinator in Nigeria, Uganda and South Sudan. She has experience working in communities in low resource settings as well as vulnerable populations. She is interested in maternal health and infectious diseases and working with marginalized populations, fostering on capacity building and empowerment of people and communities.

Elizabeth Campbell – MSc. Candidate

Elizabeth Campbell's profile photoElizabeth’s masters thesis is studying daily physical activity policies in schools across Canada. She has experience as a research assistant with healthy public policy as a strategy to reduce chronic disease and promote population health.


Job Delos Santos, MPH Candidate

Untitled2Job is a first year MPH student with a specialization in health promotion. He has experience working with immigrant communities in Toronto. He also has experience in the field of mental health as a research assistant. He is interested in working with communities and capacity building to promote health.

Seonju Hwang, MN Candidate

Seonju Hwang's profile photoSeonju is in the second year of MN program in the research stream. She is from South Korea, and worked in the pediatric intensive care unit. Although her clinical background is in acute care, she is interested in long term care and lives of families after hospitalization. Her project examines nursing studies about families with chronically ill children in South Korea.

Rhoda Lee, RN, MN Candidate

rhodaRhoda is a first year MN student in the Nurse Practitioner stream. She has work experience in critical care and currently working in transplant. She is interested in working with marginalized populations with training to work in resource poor countries from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Nichole Marks, BScN, RN, MN Candidate

PortfolioNichole Marks is a proud Registered Nurse. She is in her second year of the Master of Nursing program at the University of Alberta, completing her degree in Leadership. Nichole has been greatly influenced by the educational philosophy principles taught by Paulo Friere and believes that meaningful change can only be realized when people are genuinely involved in decision making and dialogue about issues in health and wellness. Through her work, she is committed to relational learning, capacity building, teamwork, and quality improvement.

Heather Morris, MN, RN

heatherHeather Morris received her Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manitoba (1991) and her Master of Nursing from the University of Alberta (1997). Heather spent the beginning of her career working as a public health nurse and prenatal educator in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba. She has worked as a research project coordinator for many years on various research studies at the University of Ottawa, University of Manitoba, and University of Alberta. Her research interests include maternal child health, mental health and addictions, program evaluation and health promotion with marginalized communities.




Sarah Youssef, MPH Candidate

Sarah Youssef's profile photoSarah is in her first year in the MPH in Health Promotion program. She has experience as a research assistant in studying coeliac disease. She also has experience working as a personal trainer. Her interests include the areas of mental health and obesity and how to improve health of populations through these emerging issues.